Fatip Testina Gentile - CC Wood Handle Razor - Noce

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Due to a leaky bulk container of aftershave, most of our razor's packaging got damaged. Due to this we are discounting them 40%, but be aware that you will be getting damaged, or no packaging with this product. The razor itself is new and has never been used though.

Fatip’s Noce Safety Razor is a finely crafted 3 piece razor, which features a handsome wood handle and a polished nickel finish. The closed comb head offers a less aggressive shave, and the weight of the razor is evenly distributed along its length, making for a well-balanced, easy to use razor.

A handsome and functional razor, the Noce Safety Razor is a favorite of shaving aficionados worldwide.

Made in Italy

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Handsome and Mild

I prefer mild razors. I can get from them, shaves just as close as I get from aggressive razors, with less irritation. This one fills that duty successfully for me, and for a reasonable price. And as with everything they make in Italy, it's real nice to look at.

When you get a new razor, experiment with different blades, to see which one pairs best with it.

The razor's finish is nice for the price, but not as perfect as you get on an Edwin Jagger. If you look closely you can see little imperfections beneath the chrome, but you have to look closely.

I put a couple coats of furniture wax on the wooden handle, to make it even more waterproof than it may already be.