RazoRock - German 37 Slant Razor - Torsionshobel

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Three piece slant bar razor.

The benefit of a slant razor is the blade is torqued in two directions increasing the mechanical strength and making the blade more rigid; a thin but rigid blade cuts more efficiently.

Head: Chromed Zinc Alloy

Handle: 316L solid stainless steel, CNC machined, bull-dog style, 90 mm length

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MIchael P
Outstanding for the price!

This is my exact review I left elsewhere:

Been in the wet shaving game over 30 years and with a double edge safety razor since 2008. Currently, I own six double edge razors and have previously owned probably another ten or so. Anyone that tells you that the RazoRock is a cheap Merkur, is crazy! It’s definitely a copy, true. It performs every bit as well as my tried and true Merkur slant that has been my go to for 13 years. The fit and finish on the RazoRock is not quite as polished as a Merkur, but I paid $15 for it brand new and it’s worth every penny!! The Merkur is a little heavier and two piece. Last shave with it was using Shark stainless blade on its third shave. No nicks, smooth enough considering it was a one day growth and a very close shave. Slant’s aren’t that hard to get used to. Once you get the technique down and let the weight of the razor do the work, you are solid! At my price point I highly recommend. Even at Amazon price it’s worth it and cheaper than Merkur. I still have my Merkur and no problems other than I’ve always wanted a longer handle. Now I have one!


This is my first slant. It shaves really close on the first pass! Really close! I wasn't really looking for that. I'm more of a mild shaver guy. But that said, this razor is exhilarating! You just need to be careful. And Groomatorium rocks! Great prices. Solid packaging. Delivering as promised. Highly recommended!

Scott S
Aggressive and Efficient

This is my new favorite razor. Matches or outpeforms products that are two or three times the price. If it's your first slant razor, there may be a little bit of a learning curve, but if you're an experienced shaver, you will wonder why you waited so long . Slices right through my coarse beard and has nice audio feedback. A tremendous value.

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