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Ginger’s Garden shaving soaps are made from scratch by hand with wholesome ingredients. I use the tried and true European soapmaking method to give you the best quality soap for a wonderful shaving experience. This is a fantastic soap for those that enjoy wet shaving. Buy Ginger's Garden after shave with it to complete your shaving experience


Ingredients: Coconut oil, Stearic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Essential Oil Blend, fragrance.

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Dennis G.
Sensitive skin warning! YMMV

Smells wonderful, good lather and slickness, but by the time I lathered up for the second pass my face was on fire. Soap was so irritating I had to abandon the shave, rinse off and wait more than an hour for the itch to subside before trying again with another brand. I have more than 30 soaps, just a couple of which have been vaguely irritating, but this is fire ants at a picnic level. I got one pass out of my investment, not even a full shave, hence the 1 star rating.

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