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A bracing aftershave splash with just a touch of menthol that is perfect for all occasions.

LASSCo Topanga Fougère is something pretty special. Unlike many fougeres, the Topanga Fougère scent was created using only essential oils and extracts.

This scent was inspired (but does not particularly resemble) Houbigant’s Fougère Royale, which was originally created by the then 20 year old Paul Parquet in 1882 and gave its name to an entire family of fragrances. Fougère is French for fern, which does not have much of a scent. The term is used to describe the combined woody, floral, and herbal scents of an imagined forest floor.

Topanga Fougère balances a blend of floral (lavender, geranium), woody (ho wood, balsam tolu), and herbal (clary sage, vetiver, patchouli, sweet myrrh) notes, among others, for a wonderful late summer scent. Parquet once said that “If God gave ferns a scent, they would smell like Fougère Royale.” While I won’t make such almighty claims for our Topanga Fougère, I do think this would be a great choice for your next shaving soap.

100ml bottle.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Juice, Calendula, Sodium Lactate, Menthol, Vitamin B5 Pro, Astaxanthin

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premium stuff with no synthetic fragrance

this stuff ,I believe is worth the extra $6 compared to the chiseled face aftershave splash. I have become allergic to many of the synthetic chemical fragrances that result in neck inflammation and intense aching that lasts 2 or 3 days ending with a massive skin peel . I have found that Ron and his LA aftershave with exclusive essential oil blends, is extremely creative with the scents and the best "face feel" in the business. I make my own bay rum aftershave and it's pretty good ,but not as good as what I can get here. I use similar ingredients but his stuff is better . I am proud to support small businesses like Chiseled face / LA aftershave . I have experimented with many companies that make small batch aftershave splashes . This is the best in the business with a "face feel" that is so smooth after 5 minutes of application.

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