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Some days, the perfect soap is the one with a fragrance that’s not in your face all day. Enter Barrister’s Reserve: Classic. Inspired by 60s vintage aftershaves, Classic’s clean, slightly powdery notes of citrus, lavender, moss, and sandalwood will keep you cool, calm, and collected for as long as you need to be.

  • Clean, classic scent that’s versatile and perfect for any occasion.
  • Absolute hard water tolerance.
  • Incredibly creamy, dense lather
  • Superlative slickness
  • Excellent post-shave feel

Net Wt. 4 oz, Made in the USA

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Wilson B
My first B&M purchase

Although considered an earlier soap base version that has been around a while, I am new to B&M and wanted to try this offering paying homage to 1960’s aftershave (Gillette SunUp). I love the rich lather it makes & the scent really does have a nostalgic vibe to it. Soapy clean but not institutional like an Arko. It’s not a menthol monster like Mennen’s Skin Bracer. I’ve paired it with both British Sterling & Stetson Cooling Moisturizer splash for a very complimentary post shave experience. I know B&M can be quite adventurous with their scent spectrum, but I’m perfectly pleased with this reserve classic offering. And Groomatorium was a treat to deal with. Quick shipping during the holiday rush & communicated well. I know they are revamping some things for 2022, but I hope they keep the wide array of items I enjoyed discovering on their website. Buy & Shave with confidence, Mad Men!

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