Chiseled Face Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush 24mm

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Luxury Shaving Brushes don’t have to be expensive.  For many years, silvertip badger hair has been considered the best material known to man to whip up a thick luxurious lather.  Most brushes using genuine silvertip badger hair are priced at least twice as high as this one, and many are much higher still.  We have searched high and low to bring you the best brushes for the lowest price, and are offering this luxury shaving brush for only $49.99

Enjoy lathering with a top quality brush today!

Knot: Silvertip Badger
Knot Diameter: 24mm
Knot Loft: 55mm
Handle: Resin
Handle Height: 48mm
Weight: 2.5oz (70g)
Brand: Chiseled Face
Origin: China

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