Henri et Victoria – Terre d’Henri Shaving Soap

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Terre d'Henri is a pleasent clean scent. It has top notes of petit grain and citrus, with pink peppercorn, dark spice cologne scent. A masculine clean and fresh scent. It is sure to bring you compliment by your entourage.

Thick and dense lather will greet you in abundance. Extremely easy to lather up a cloud, and the denseness will help protect your skin by cushioning when applying the blade. The lather also contains a humectant such as glycerine to prevent the soap from drying your skin.

The shaving soap is in a travel tub with a very large opening to facilitate loading your shaving brush. The soap is a soft soap, sometimes referred to as a croap. While not hard it will last for many shaving sessions.

No preservatives
A shaving soap is perfect to minimize the exposure to preservatives. While not all products can be made without a preservative, shaving soap is our preferred form compared to shaving cream or other products containing water.

Potassium stearate, potassium cocoate, water, glycerine, potassium ricenoalete, parfum

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