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Every June a friendly shaving event is held on Reddit called the "Lather Games" - if you haven't heard about it, check it out at this reddit link
Yes, for most of us, the point of the lather games is the joy of the hunt, but if you have a limited collection and want to join in with minimal work, I put together a sample pack for you
This pack will contain soap samples that will work 25 of the lather game days. I don't want to give a list of the soaps used, because depending on the number of packs ordered the soaps may change. There will be many duplicates of brands (heavy on Chiseled Face, Stubble Buster, LA Shaving Soap Company, and Tiki), but no duplication of scents.
You would still need to source the following days yourself:
Casie's Sunday
Storybook Sunday
Lutra Lundi
Time Off Tuesday
Freaky Friday
Desert Island Day
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