Ogallala – Bay Rum Shaving Soap 4.5oz

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Our shaving soaps contain shea butter for a great smooth feel on your face. They are a big 3 inches in diameter. If you have a mug that is a bit smaller, you can just whittle a bit off around the edges and throw the shavings in the mug with your soap to make it fit or melt for 30 seconds in a microwave-safe container and pour into your mug (of course then you’ll need to let it cool for a few hours)…. Whip it up into a nice lather with your brush and….well, you are gonna LOVE this soap! All Genuine Ogallala Bay Rum Shaving Soaps have superior lubricating qualities for, what we feel, is about as good as it gets for a clean comfortable shave. And then there is that fantastic fragrance! Also, our shaving soaps do not contain artificial coloring.

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Excellent Product

This soap lathers well and provides good razor lubrication. The bar lasts a long time and has a pleasant, stronger than average bay rum scent. All things considered, this is a fine product and a good value.

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