Parker - TRAVPB Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush

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Due to a leaky bulk container of aftershave, most of our razors packaging got damaged. Due to this we are discounting them 40%, but be aware that you will be getting damaged, or no packaging with this product. The razor itself is new and has never been used though.

The Parker TRAVPB travel shaving brush stands out in the crowd with its full size shaving brush with a 20mm knot and 100% pure badger bristles.

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Large, but good quality

This thing feels huge. If your looking for a minimal travel solution that’s no bigger then it needs to be, this isn’t it. You’d be better off wrapping a hair tie around a regular brush.

That said, the metal case/handle is almost as small as it could get without crushing the brush. Seems like a trade-off that prioritizes protecting the brush over dancing you space.

Great quality build, as well.

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