Proraso - Cypress and Vetiver Beard Shampoo 200ml



Product Details

Proraso Cypress and Vetiver Beard Shampoo 200ml. Gets rid of smells from your beard efficiently and delicately. It lathers easily making the cleaning process easy. It will leave your beard looking shiny. It will restore and soften the skin under the beard and it is also suitable for cleaning the skin thanks to its high content of active ingredients.

Proraso Cypress and Vetiver Beard Shampoo offers a revitalizing aroma of wet forest that blends with the sweetness of fresh vetiver.

Dampen the beard and apply the product. Massage softly and rinse with water.

Pump action dispenser for hygiene and efficiency.

Like all Proraso products, this shampoo is made using trustworthy formulas that stick to tradition but incorporate the latest tendencies.

Made in Italy

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