RazoRock - Zi' Peppino Shaving Soap

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Scent: Green Tobacco (Tabacco Verde). Charismatic and virile, this scent conveys a warm effect to the skin and is inspired by the magic of ancient Egypt.

Hand Made by an Artisan in Italy

Size: Hot filled to 125 ml

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Slick with light green scent

I bought Zi'Peppino for two readons: (1) I like tobacco scented soaps and (2) I wanted something lighter on tobacco so I could wear it in the spring and summer. Zi'Peppino delivered on both counts. Plus, it also creates a very slick lather that provides good cushion.

The scent of Zi'Peppino is light, green, and fresh. It does not smell like a cigar or a pipe. But it does conjure up hints of tobacco. Some people say it smells like tobacco flowers (I'm not familiar with tobacco flowers so I'm unable to confirm this). The scent is perfect for spring where lighter scents are better than the heavier scents favored in winter.

The icing on the cake is the slickness and cushion of the lather. In a word, they're wonderful. Sure, the lather isn't as super slick nor as super cushioned as that created by some artisan soaps. But it is still fantastic enough to produce a close, comfortable, and irritation free BBS. Best of all, the Zi'Peppino did not leave my skin feeling dried out as has sometimes been the case with other soaps.

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