Seki Edge Satin Slim Clipper

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What it is:
The Satin Straight Clipper Is Unique In That The Clipping Edge Is Completely Straight. The Advantage Of This Is That It Allows You To Shape Your Nails Easier Than With A Curved One, And It Is Especially Useful In Preventing Ingrown Nails As It'S Recommended To Cut Nails Straight Across In Best Practice For Prevention.

What it does:

  • Cuts nails smooth and clean
  • Will not chip or split nails
  • Leaves you with great looking nails on the go
  • Narrow mouth on clipper helps shape the nail easier
  • Fashionable look
  • It’s compact nature make it perfect for a small bag or purse


What else you need to know: 

  • 3″ (L) x 0.5″ (W) x 0.6″ (H)
  • 2 mm wide opening
  • 1 cm jaw width
  • Stainless steel with satin matte finish
  • Sharp
  • Built-in nail file
  • Attached nail catcher
  • Compact size
  • Hand sharpened edges


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