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To compliment our already popular premium shaving creams we introduce to you our Premium Blends Shaving Mug. This stunning mug is the perfect tool to ensure your shaving cream is lathered just right and in easy reach, making your morning ritual that much better. You’ll be quick to understand the desirability of a premium shaving mug almost immediately upon first use. Our mug keeps your shaving cream ready to go throughout the shave for when you need it. 

There used to be a time when shaving was a real process. Shaving had steps, a ritual and it was an act of patience and art. These days we want things fast and with sub-par results. It has come to a time that efficiency now outweighs quality. Don’t buy into the “in and out shave” and sub-par performance. It is now time to look back and remember what it took to give yourself a decent shave. Be a man and make that morning or evening ritual an art form again.

  • Easily whip up a perfectly lathered shaving cream
  • Keeps the lather safe, warm and always ready

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    Perfect for shave soap pucks, for less than 10.00 bucks you can't go wrong

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