Wholly Kaw - Fougère Bouquet EdT - 50 ml



Product Details

The same scent in the WhollyKaw Fougère Bouquet shaving soap in Eau de Toilette

Made with the blend of essential oils and fragrance oils with notes of oakmoss, lavender and bergamot with secondary notes of sandalwood, cedar and other woody notes.  The base notes include tonka bean, musk and ambergris.  Synthetic versions of natural musk and ambergris are used in the blend.

Fragrance oil is atranol free which has been found to be an allergen.  Veramoss is used making the fragrance oil atranol free.

Contains alcohol and does not contain menthol.

Warning: Discontinue use if there is a reaction or if irritation occurs.

The EdT comes in a clear glass bottle of 50 ml or 1.7 fl. oz.  The bottle is capped with a tamper evident crimpless pump with an overcap. It does not come in a folding carton.

Contains 50 ml.

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