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Don’t know which of our scents to choose?  Try an aftershave sampler.  They are pocket-sized (10ml) spray bottles.  Get one for your next trip, or just stash it in the car. Try one or get a pack of all nine.

Scents Available:

  • Midnight Stag
  • Cedar & Spice
  • Trade Winds
  • Sherlock
  • Ghost Town Barber
  • Summer Storm
  • Santa Paula
  • Cryogen
  • Natural

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Steve R
    Sherlock rocks

    I tried samples of Sherlock and GTB; my personal jury is still out on the latter. But, Sherlock? I’m fairly sure this is how 221b Baker Street smells. It’s mysteriously familiar. It’s going in regular rotation.

    Chris Garcia

    I am admittedly a Chiseled Face fanboy, but the Summer Storm and Trade Winds are by far my favorite aquatics. CF splashes also have great staying power and fantastic face-feel. I highly recommend all wet shavers try CF, as it is highly underrated!

    John Mosca
    I only reviewed 3 samples

    Frankly the Ghost Town was too powdery and hung around way too long, the Santa Paula didn't remind me of anything but the Cryogen was very good. Not too much burn, nice scent (this scent should be in the other two) and good face feel. I would buy the Cryogen.

    Dan C
    Orange, Orange, Did I mention Orange

    I absolutely love Santa Paula. The amazing aroma of Orange and citrus hits you right off the bat followed by a light woodsy undertone and then the perfect tingle of menthol is the cherry on top. If you love the smell of Oranges or citrus then this is an absolute must Aftershave.

    barry jupin
    Best ever

    Great product love the smell and good menthol kick

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