Baili BR179 Double Edge Twist to Open (Butterfly) DE Safety Razor



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The Baili BR279 is a great modern 1 piece razor for a rock bottom price.


No box or packing to provide you the lowest price possible.

* Baili Double Edge Series

* Butterfly twist to open Design

* 9cm length, 70g weight

* Metal material, Silver Color

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Evan Davis
Works great

Very happy with this razor. Definitely recommend.

Jan Scallan
Great shave

I have tried a number of DE razors and think this one gives the smoothest shave yet.

Joel Barnett
Very good, aggressive DE razor

I like the 1 piece butterfly design. This razor exposes more of the blade than a Merkur 34c or the Baili BR171. Weight is good, as is the grip on the handle. I use this with the Derby Extra blades, which are less sharp than something like Feather blades. I'm a 6 month newbie to double edge shaving and on both of the 34c, (which I recently broke) and the BR171, (which I bought with this BR179), I use Williams mug shaving soap which is dirt cheap and works well with less aggressive razors.

For the razor here, BR179, I prefer a soap that is thicker. I won't mention the name, because our host doesn't sell it, but it looks he does have a nice selection of such products which I will get when what I've got runs out.

I'm not writing a review of the BR171, because all the other reviews say what I would anyway.

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