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Available in a huge 32oz bottle, or our more manageable 8oz "glue bottle" :)

Scented with 100% natural, and even beneficial, essential oils - scents available are Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Orange (this smells just like orange juice - perfect for morning showers), Lavender, or Peppermint (chilly, especially in sensitive areas).

Perfect for bath, body, beard, and hair: this is a natural soap product - not unlike Dr Bronner's style of soap.  If you are familiar with natural liquid soaps you know what to expect (except ours is better of course 😃), if not, be aware that this is not a body wash.  As the title suggests - this is a liquid soap, as it's 100% natural and no gelling agents were used, this is a fairly runny liquid, even though it is highly concentrated.

Store-bought body wash is made with detergents, not soap.  Since our product is a handmade soap, and will leave you feeling clean and smelling fantastic, it will not create the mountains of lather that a detergent will, nor will it create the slick slimy feel while applying that is provided by wetting agents in commercial body washes.  This is just a pure soap that we handmake with 100% natural ingredients.

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It's like Dr. Bonner's on steriods

Or maybe Dr. Bronner meets Chuck Norris. I like this soap so much I bought the 32 oz. bottle. Nice peppermint kick, cleans well and washes off quickly and completely. Contains what real men use: lye. Not wimpy sodium hydroxide. Few ingredients too. Try it.

Best Soap Ever

I recently purchased the castile soaps. I love them. Excellent lather, strong natural scents. My favorite is the lavender, which I use before going to bed. It fills my room with the scent of lavender which also helps me to relax and sleep deeply. I have used the bar soaps and love them too. But because I travel, I wanted a liquid soap. Now Groomatorium has it, and I'm making the switch for my whole household. We all love it!

Excellent all around soap

I've been using this regularly for a couple of months now and am impressed. I bought the Eucalyptus in the big bottle. With a loofa you can get a healthy lather provided you add enough soap. You can also get good performance out of a washcloth, but there will be much less lather. I use about the same amount as I would with a standard body wash- maybe a smidgen less. The fragrance is very strong and yes it lingers a bit but not enough to interfere with your aftershave or cologne. I have actually used this soap to clean hard surfaces in the kitchen as well. Excellent all around performance.

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