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Don’t know which of our scents to choose?  Try one  (or a pack of all 10 scents) of our sample sized soaps. Each soap is about 0.4oz – enough for several good shaves.  To use, scoop out the soap, and press into a dish, mug, or bowl and lather as usual. Each sample is enough soap for 5-10 shaves, depending on your brush and loading time.

Ghost Town Barber

Midnight Stag



Trade Winds

Summer Storm

Bay Rum

Cedar & Spice

Santa Paula

Pine Tar

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Dan Kane
good things in small pkages

yes these are small samples, but not as some describe "quarter size.' the jars are about the size of a half dollar and the product is about six quarters in height. there should be enough for many shaves. When you consider that a four oz pack is about 15 bucks and many shave products run into the twenties, these are a great way to try many scents at a reasonable price point. I tried the cryogen which is the most liked package and WOW, the menthol cooled my face evenafter the shave was over and product washed away. In fact while shaving it made one eye tear.

Unexpected Favorites

The samples were a really great way to try out the soap and different scents. I ended up finding some unexpected favorites and some I expected to like but didn't. Glad I went with the full course of samples.

Booker Warwick
Love the lather

Tried out pine tar and Sherlock. Sherlock smells amazing! Disappointed in the pine tar. I smell no fresh pine in it as expected. But mixed it with Sherlock and it makes it smell earthy and better. Still satisfied though!


They smell pretty bad, didn't even try any of them.

Cedar Spice CHAMPION!

After my first whiff of the cedar spice scent my thought immediately went to was "WHY", why haven't I added this soap to my collection. The balance of the cedar and spice makes this a soap you can use year around. I couldn't get enough of this scent and kept spritzing my neck throughout the day. While I only picked up a sample soap and AS, this will be on the top of my list of CF Soaps to purchase. There isn't anything I can truly say about this soap and AS as they are in line with all of CF products: soap is a great lather, leaves an amazing slick when shaving. The Aftershave (AS) is spot on with the soap, and gives a great sensation of satisfaction. CF will also be at the top of my shaving mornings.

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