Derby Extra Stainless DE Razor Blades, 10 Blades



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Derby razor blades are perforated, hardened, and ground by utilizing the most advanced equipment. All Derby razor blade cutting edges are deposited with chromium-ceramic, tungsten, and platinum by advanced spluttering equipment for optimum edge strength, which provides for a longer shaving lifespan. All Derby razor blades are coated with a polymer for optimum shaving comfort. From beginning to finished product, all Derby razor blades are subjected to severe quality control inspection at every stage of manufacturing processes by utilization of unique quality control equipment. Derby, manufactured in Turkey, is known as a leader in the disposable blades market.

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jason s.
What a nice case

I went on vacation and wanted to bring blades that didn't have wax on them like feather. I also wanted blades that came in a plastic case. When I used up a blade I was able to store it inside the case underneath. Much safer than throwing a blade away in a hotel bathroom.

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