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We got many requests and did a lot of research.  Finally, Chiseled Face liquid soap is here.  Perfect for bath, body, beard, and hair: this is a natural soap product - not unlike Dr Bronner's style of soap.  If you are familiar with natural liquid soaps you know what to expect (except ours is better of course 😃), if not, be aware that this is not a body wash.

Body wash is a detergent, not a soap.  As such while our product will leave you feeling clean and smelling fantastic, it will not create the mountains of lather that a detergent will, or the slick slimy feel while applying that is provided by wetting agents in commercial body washes.  This is just a pure soap that we handmake with natural ingredients, then scent with the scents that you know and love.

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Customer Reviews

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Timothy Bozyczko
Too liquidy

I use CF bar soaps and shaving products, and this scent is exactly the same as other soaps. I enjoy the fact that this soap does not leave a slick coating in my skin like the name brand ones do. However I personally don’t like the watery-ness if the product. I use a loofah and the product runs through it. I’d prefer if the soap was even a bit more gelatinous. Overall a solid and good product and would still recommend.

William Low

Great soap and great scent

T. Young
excellent stuff!

I got this to keep by the sink for hand soap. Generally I wouldn't pay $11 for soap, but I am a huge fan of all CF products, and Ghost Town Barber is one of the best smelling fragrances I have ever smelled, ever. I had to get it. The good news is, a little goes a long way, so this should last quite a while for hand washing. The better news is the GTB scent is strong (has me smelling my hands afterwards like a weirdo!) Love it.

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