Baili BR171 Double Edge Safety Razor DE



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The Baili BR71 a modern Gillette tech clone with a nicely contoured handle.  Great razor at a rock bottom price.


No box or packing to provide you the lowest price possible.

* Baili Double Edge Series

* Three piece Design

* 9cm length, 75g weight

* Metal material, Silver Color

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome Razor

Fit and finish of razor is excellent! Blade gap and alignment are perfect. Paired with a sharp blade this razor shaves with the best of them.

Punching way above it's weight!

Awesome razor. Bought it just as a goof... a $6 razor?... ya, why not. Didn't expect it to be this good. Build quality, finish, perfect blade exposure for me. It is a MILD razor so, know what to expect, but still very efficient. Very happy with it. Really... shockingly good.

Best razor at any price

Holy shit is this razor good. Finish is perfect to my albeit older eyes, blade retention is brilliant and rigid, and oh God the shave. This is a mild but efficient razor that weighs a perfect 77g and with the Bic there was zero tugging. Just buttery, even ATG in the moustache area. If the price goes up to $50, I'd still buy it in a heartbeat. Just brilliant. A poor man's AS-D2.

DE Shaving on the Cheap

Well finished razor. It has a good heft and easy to hold without slipping. The square corner extrusions work well to align and hold blade in position. Shave is similar to my Gillette vintage ‘64 TTO so I would classify as mild. Works well and is maneuverable for both face and my full head shave. Pair with an aggressive or semi-aggressive blade for a smooth hassle and irritation free shave.

Best of the 13 Razors I own

This is the best razor that I have ever used at any price. It's nearly as smooth as my RazoRock Mamba, but it's considerably more efficient. It's a tad more efficient than my RazoRock Game changer, but amazingly, it's even smoother. The Baili 171 gives me effortless BBS shaves every single time. It truly shines with Russian PPI factory blades like the Gillette Silver Blue, Perma-Sharp Super, Nacet, Polsilver SI, etc. Remarkably though, it also makes blades that are unpleasant or unusable in other razors (I'm looking at you Derby) give acceptable shaves. I think it's rigidity is the key. It's edge to top-cap distance is tiny, it's edge-to-base distance is short, and it's bend radius is the sharpest I've ever measured with calipers. It's smooth, efficient, rigid little beast for $6.00.

This razor runs circles around my Edwin Jagger DE89 at 1/7th the price. Try one of these. You'll like it!