Baili BR172 Double Edge Safety Razor



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The Baili BR72 a modern Gillette tech clone with a sleek heavy handle.  Great razor at a rock bottom price.  Sold under private labels on other sites for up to $40! (clicking link will take you to an external site)


No box or packing to provide you the lowest price possible.

* Baili Double Edge Series

* Three piece Design

* 11.6cm length, 98g weight

* Metal material, Silver Color

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Customer Reviews

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Fred St. John
Superb Razor For My Requirements

This is my third Baili razor, all different models (one a butterfly), and I'm hard pressed to name a favorite. They all give consistently close, smooth shaves and seldom a nick. I have an old and wrinkled face with various skin blemishes and moles. My beard is on the light side. I shave my face and mostly bald head. All this considered, a minimally aggressive razor is right for me, and all the Baili razors fill this requirement. As I said, this is my third Baili. I've had the other two for several years with no problems and no deterioration of the excellent finish. However, I take great care with my razors; clean, dry and polish after every use. YMMV.

Matt Morse
Quality product

First timer using a safety razor, it seems to be solid metal and has some weight. It gave a close shave. Good quality for the price.

Richard Grayson
Switched from a Merkur 38c to this razor

I've had a Merkur 38c for about 5 years. Decided to try a different razor as it seemed I was nicking myself often. After a week of use I am switching to this Baili razor as I am now nick free. On examination I see that the design of the Baili razor does a better job of shielding the corner of the blade, which was the cause of my nicks. Changing a blade on the Baili is not as convenient as the Merkur, but I'll trade that for no nicks any day.

Solid, Forgiving Razor

This is similar if not identical to Razorock's version. The head seems to be modeled after a Gillette Tech. That means it's very mild (milder than a DE89 or Gillette Super Speed but a tad more aggressive than a Feather Popular). For me, it shaves like a dream. I can do a 3-pass with lots of blade buffing without any irritation at all. It's just a BBS every single time, morning after morning. I've used razors that cost 20x this that can't give me as good a shave. Don't hesitate to pick one (or three) up.

Marcelo Zangrilli
Good razor

Very good razor for the price.better than many big names in the market.get the job done in a nice way.not aggressive very can easy live your Merkur collecting dust in the cabinet.

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