Baili BR171 Double Edge Safety Razor DE



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The Baili BR71, a modern Gillette tech clone with a nicely contoured handle.  Great razor at a rock bottom price.


No box or packing to provide you the lowest price possible.

* Baili Double Edge Series

* Three-piece Design

* 9cm length, 75g weight

* Metal material, Silver Color

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Customer Reviews

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David Breedlove
Great Razor

First off I would like to thank this small business for excellent service and shipping. This razor is probably the best bang for buck out there. The quality,finish and craftsmanship are on par with any razor of any price range. The weight and balance is spot on. The shave is very mild, yet efficient. I don't have a super thick beard and I'm a daily shaver so I don't need anything aggressive. I've had no irritation whatsoever with this razor. Like I said it's the best deal out there, especially for an everyday shaver. I've only used Derby Extra and Wilkinson Sword with this and both performed great.


First safety razor, figured I'll try something that is well regarded but not a huge investment.
Got pretty bloody the first timewith a 4-5 day stubble, a little lot the 2nd time with a 2-3 day crop.
Time will tell if I like it.

Mark Johnson
Great Mild razor

I love this razor. I have owned at least 6 or 7 others, Muhle R41, Parker 87R, RazoRock BBS, and German 37, and Old Type, Vikings Blade Cheiftain, etc. This Baili is a keeper, I sold many of the others. I love how the blade is covered and clamped down, and seats up without having to manipulate the blade to make sure it is even on both sides. Buy it. Don't let the cheap price scare you off.

Mike Houston
Very nice little razor

I bought this little razor on the cheap and it performs extremely well when paired with a Wizamet blade. Very pleased!

Robert Mitchell
Price was great

price was unbelievable and a great shave.

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